• SY/SP N-230-50

    Unit SY/SP N is used to prevent wrong synchronization of Alternators at manual operation e.g. by unskilled personnel.
    To prevent high current and mechanical stresses at paralleling the following conditions must be fulfilled before switching in parallel:

    • Voltage difference
    • Frequency difference
    • Phase angle must be inside limits

    Synchronizing check relay SY/SP N monitors these values and provides closure of contact 4 – 12 if these are inside preset limits.



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    Phone : (+62) 21 580 6044-45

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    Email : sep_seg@yahoo.com

    Rp2.970.000Rp4.500.000 34% off

    SY/SP N-230-50

    Rp2.970.000Rp4.500.000 34% off

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